Singer-songwriter Natascha Myers has dawned on the music scene. And as her debut EP title, Do Not Go Gentle, suggests, she has no intentions of treading lightly. Comprised of four original songs (and one bonus original track), Natascha's ambiguously-titled first official release sheds light on everything you could hope to feel when you push play. With her smooth, soft voice, varying combinations of instrumentation and cleverly-crafted lyrics, Natascha sets out to paint pictures in your mind. Every word is a brushstroke on the canvas, every color-soaked harmony a specific shade in the sunset. Do Not Go Gentle is organic, honest, and glowing. Bask in the sunlight and take a listen.

Special thanks to Eric Blomquist of RiverRock Studios, The OK Factor, Marcus DeJesus, Photography by Darice, and Bridget Quinn.