a (week)day in the life.


It's been awhile. And by 'awhile,' I mean atrociously long. I'm trying to be better about writing blog posts, but in addition to running scarce on time, sometimes I just don't know what to write about. So if y'all have things you want to know, drop them in the comments, and I'll make them happen long before 'awhile' passes. 

For my first blog post back after the Accidental Hiatus, I thought I would address my most frequently asked question: "What does your typical day look like?" Whenever someone asks this, there is always a solid 10 second delay while I assess whether they want the simple or complicated answer (sometimes, I'm actually thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner, but, shhhhh). I usually give them the simple one because scaring people away isn't my go-to, but while we're all here, I'll provide both. 

the simple answer?

There is no such thing as a typical day. Since moving to Nashville, I have had to learn how to abandon my ways as a creature of habit and accept that no two days are alike. Although this was frustrating and difficult at first, after awhile, I adjusted to looking at my calendar the night before, making a to-do list based on that, and mentally prepping for the day ahead. Since then, it has become a surprisingly welcome part of my life-- to just roll with the punches and embrace every second of it. 

the complicated answer? 

If you don't want to be friends after this, that's cool, I get it. But need I remind you... you asked!

Below is a rough breakdown of two different kinds of days for me: The Office Day & The Music Day. Of course, nearly every day is a combination of the two, while some days look nothing like either of these, but this was the best way I could think of to answer y'all's question. 

The Office Day

6:00am: Wake-up time varies based on whether or not I have had a show the night before, but I try to stay pretty consistent. As soon as my alarm goes off, even before my eyes are open, I make my way to the coffee pot and get that baby rolling with two cups of Thrive Organic Breakfast Blend. This is a trivial detail that you probably don't care about, but for some reason, I felt the need to insert. So I'm just going to leave it there. Great coffee, by the way; you should try it. 

I spend the next half hour or so slowly coming into my day, either by reading my book or knitting for awhile. 

7:00am: Shower, make a hearty breakfast (eggs over kale or avocado toast, both with a yogurt parfait), assess the to-do list, pack my bags for the day, etc. (I currently live about 20 mins from the heart of Nashville so I have to pack my car full with lunch, a yoga bag, my guitar, and my office bag. It's like high school again, where we all lived out of our cars and let all of our sports laundry build up in there until Mom wondered why we didn't have any pants to wear anymore. Except I do my own laundry now, unfortunately. Good times, good times. Love you, Mom.) 

8:00am: Get into "The Office." As many of you know, in addition to being a singer/songwriter, I currently work remotely for a music licensing company, so a lot of my day is spent behind a computer-- pitching music for film and television, handling administrative stuff for the company, sending booking emails for my music, etc. Some days, I convert my kitchen table into a work space, but most days, I go to a coffee shop because it gets me away from the temptation to grab my guitar and write. Plus, I just really love coffee. Like a lot. 

My most frequented coffee shop is Eighth and Roast and, PEOPLE, their vanilla lattes are the nectar of the gods. I wish that was an understatement so I wouldn't consume so many, but it's not. They roast the coffee right in back so it smells absolutely beautiful in there non-stop, too. If you ever make it down South, GO. And tell me you're going, so I can come, too. 

I also love going to The Good Cup if I feel the need to work away from home, but don't have a crazy day of meetings and the like. It's a cozy little getaway closer to my house and has the best specialty drinks around. 


12:00pm: Yoga class. I am only a recent Nashville Yogi, but it is one of the best things I could have done for myself. I attend Inner Light Yoga, which in addition to being a physical studio, is one of the raddest communities to be apart of. No one cares how often you (ME) fall over or how much you (ME) are huffing and puffing; everyone is just thrilled you are there and invested in becoming a better version of yourself. Another perk of this yoga studio is that it is centered around music, so after we all learn the sequence, the tunes and temperature get jacked up (so does my heart rate), and you get such a gratifying workout and healthy mentality out of it. 


12:45pm: Home to spend the next few hours writing a song, practicing my instruments, and/or working more at the computer. 

4:00pm: If my day has gone according to schedule up to this point and I am still able to move after yoga, I go to the park down the road and go for a two-mile run, just to get the blood flowing again and get reinvigorated for more time in "The Office" or going back to writing whatever song is in the works. 

6:00pm: Either headed to play a gig, going to see a show, or beelining for the couch. 

12:00am: Arrive home. Marvel at the fact that I get to do what I love every day. Sleep. 

The Music Day

6:00am: Up and at 'em. Probably ran into a wall on the way to the coffee pot. Probably deserved it for not letting myself wake up first. 

7:00am: Again, same thing: shower, breakfast, spend a stupid amount of time deciding what to wear, run through the to-do list. The only difference is that, on this kind of day, I dedicate time to prepping for whatever Big Thing is on my calendar. (i.e. Deciding what lyric/melody/song idea I am going to bring into my write that day, warming up my voice if I am tracking vocals for a demo, getting my hands warmed up on guitar before a write, what have you.) 

9:30am: Meeting with collaborators, cowriters, etc. Typically at a coffee shop... Are you even surprised?

11:00am: Head into my Musical Event for the day, whether that be a write, demo session, voice lesson, what have you. Regardless, if I have an appointment at 11:00, I am one happy camper because it means I am doing music REAL hard. :) 


4:00pm: Some songs fall into our laps and are written and worktaped in two hours flat. Others struggle into existence and take a little longer. MOST times, we are done by 4:00pm, though, and then, I am headed into "The Office" and switch into my music licensing hat. 

7:00pm: Try as I might, I am never actually done with my to-do list at 7:00pm, but this is always my goal time to start cooking dinner, have a glass of red wine if I've earned it (a.k.a. if we wrote a banger that day), shower, and settle into my evening. For the rest of the night, I do my best to transition out of the work mindset and into zen mode: reading, knitting, watching an absurd amount of Peaky Blinders and This is Us, or painting. 

10:00pm: Sleep. So. Hard. One thing I have not struggled much with since moving to Nashville is falling asleep, that's for darn sure. 

Thanks for joining me on today's episode of A Not-So-Normal Day in the Life of Natascha. Tune in next time, kids. 

(Oh, but actually, if you like being a part of the trivial parts of my day, my Instagram story is pretty hip and happenin,' so check it out, if me saying "hip and happenin'" didn't just turn you off from it entirely). 

Natascha Myers