A Story Still Being Written

When a buddy of mine asked me to be the subject of a project for class, I'll admit: I was surprised. I couldn't quite fathom why anyone would want to hear my story. It wasn't like I was a child prodigy musician; I have to practice/study hours a day to be the musician that I am. It's not as if I knew I was destined for a life of music from the moment I exited the womb (so I'm exaggerating a bit); in fact, although music was always a part of my life, tennis trumped it for years before I opened my eyes. And who's kidding who? Josh would probably have to spend hours editing my rambling story. Surely he didn't want to use me for his podcast!

But Josh insisted, and I'm glad he did. I have told people my musical journey time and time again. But it wasn't until I heard it played back to me, with my own voice and Josh's editing skills that it struck me-- I was the one who needed to hear my own story more than anyone else.

As I prepare for a summer move to Nashville, there are moments where I balk at making the leap. In fact, just being a musician is riddled with moments of self-doubt. But hearing my own story articulated in my own voice proves that I believe in myself. I believe that I can make this lofty dream of mine happen, and honestly, nothing else matters. 

Thank you, Josh, for reminding me that every story is worth being told, especially if it accomplishes what it did for me. And before long, there will be so much more to tell.  

Listen to Josh's podcast here:

Natascha Myers