Where A Dream Resides

"At three years old singing 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' as mama held me high. Little did I know, I'd one day follow those roads where a dream resides." -Natascha Myers, 'La La Land'

I wrote this lyric a few weeks ago, well aware that I was moving to Nashville in August. But it wasn't until I was there this past week, surrounded by people just as enamored with music as I am, that I realized precisely how insistent that dream is. In fact, it was that dream (not the night life of Honky Tonk Highway, believe it or not) that kept me awake as I laid in my Air BnB bed at night. 

Despite my lack of sleep, I fell in love with this city... "head over boots," Jon Pardi might say. 

For one, I ate some ridiculously good food, drank too much coffee, and then walked it all off in less than suitable shoes. 

I listened to more live music than I could have thought available to me, and I was even lucky enough to play The Bluebird Café, Blue Bar & Rack Room, and (serendipitously, thanks to my new buddies Leigh and Jason) Winners' Bar and Grill. (Click on the yellow links to watch the videos, should you feel so inclined.) 

Furthermore, I discovered that this place is brimming with more than music: beautiful people (who let you pet their dogs and are genuinely interested in your existence), magnolia trees that grace the streets, art in its many forms, and an abundance of songs waiting to be written.

But most importantly, I became absolutely certain that Nashville is where I belong.

Life is too damn short to sit in a cubicle, plugging away at a job that you despise, just because it pays the bills. Life is too fleeting not to do what makes your heart happy. Life is much too brief not to chase your dream, even if you feel out of breath the whole way.

I believe in Nashville & I'm chasing the dream that resides there wholeheartedly come August. I encourage you to believe in something with all your heart and chase that.