Why the Hell Not?

Can you believe it? Another year gone. And what a year it has been. 

Releasing my first EP. Getting my first radio airplay and live interview.  Designing my own merchandise. Attending a songwriting conference in North Carolina. Smiling a lot, but certainly not enough. Even making the same mistake twice. FINALLY learning what balance is and how lovely it feels. 

I could go on and on. But the point of this blog post is not to give you a play by play of 2016's Downfalls and Successes in the Life of Natascha Myers. As "fun" as that would be, I'd prefer to share some perspective that I have recently gained in light of the new year upon us. 

You've all heard the old adage: "This one is going to be my year," haven't you? It happens every year. The final days of a year come upon us and we start regretting. All the mistakes we made. All the things we didn't do but wish we had. All the people we hurt. All the opportunities we passed up. We immediately cast our eyes towards the next year and swear that this one will be better. Which is great-- Keep on hoping for the future, by all means! 

But what if, rather than cursing past years that didn't live up to your expectations and laying all your hopes upon THE YEAR ahead of you, you changed your mindset towards the DAYS ahead of you? "This is going to be my day." Every day. That isn't to say that you aren't going to have a fantastic 2017 as a whole. Because I pray you are. But what if, rather than set a resolution for the whole year that you end up casting aside by June, you aim for making every single day count?

Wake up every morning, brew your morning cup (or three) of coffee, and swear to approach your day with a "Why the hell not?" attitude. Don't go cliff-jumping or getting tattoos that you'll wish you hadn't; I'm not condoning that. But stop overthinking everything and just DO IT. Just live your day without contemplating every minute of it ahead of time. "This is going to be my day."

It's certainly easier said than done. I can't pretend to have perfected it. In fact, I'm currently pretty terrible at it, truth be told. But I challenge you to join me, not in my New Year's Resolution, but in my New Year's Will Do.

Open your eyes every day and say, "This is going to be my day." 

After all... why the hell not?

Natascha Myers