“You live in a pretty world.”

Actually, Iowa born-and-raised singer/songwriter Natascha Myers lives in the same world you do. A world filled with elation and suffering, beauty and tragedy, silence and racket. A world where somewhere, someone is airdrumming to their favorite song because they fell in love, and in that same moment elsewhere, cities are going up in flames. A world where there are skies consumed by constellations in one place and city lights posing as stars in another. A world filled with first kisses and the sound of rain lulling you to sleep on one hand, a world of splitting headaches and sleepless nights on the other. But true to the trademark response to much of her music, Natascha chooses to compose a pretty world out of the life she lives.  

As a songwriter, Natascha crafts songs that take the seemingly mundane occurrences of life and notes their significance. With colorful harmonic language, relatable lyrics, and a soothing voice, Natascha delivers music laced with authenticity. In addition to singing and writing her own music, Natascha plays guitar, piano, and dabbles with the banjo.

Natascha independently produced and released her debut EP, Do Not Go Gentle, in July 2016 while a student at Clarke University in Dubuque, IA. The EP can be found on iTunes and Spotify. She toured regionally while balancing a rigorous college and work schedule and has played on numerous acclaimed stages, including The Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN and The Great Jones County Fair in Monticello, IA. 

Natascha recently relocated to Nashville, TN, where she is tackling her dream head on. 

So step into her pretty world. You’ll like the sound of it.